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    Submit your movie to Just Film 2015 (Nov 13-22)
  • Festival awards announced
  • Just Film 13th-22nd of November 2015


The 15th edition of the children’s and youth film festival Just Film will be held from 13-22 November 2015 at the Solaris and Coca-Cola Plaza cinemas in Tallinn. A total of about 50 films will be shown over the ten days.

All fans of Just Film can apply to be a member of one of the festival juries or of the Young Critics club. Please note that the terms and conditions of applying have changed slightly, as has the address to which you should submit your applications. Nominations for both juries and the club are open until 5 October 2015.

The festival’s just around the corner, so film fans of all ages should get their applications to become jury and club members in before it’s too late – after all, it’s not long till we’ll start counting down the days until the festival begins…